Client Experience at Edmund Street Activity Centre

disco 658We help our clients to gain a feeling of belonging to a worthwhile group which has aims and ambitions. Central to this is our service users feeling of security and self confidence and that they therefore feel free to express themselves and to communicate freely with their peers, carers and members of staff.

Our clients are supervised when needed and they learn by example and experience,  valuable interaction with their peers allowing them to gain valuable experience in social skills.

We provide a variety of activities and opportunities offering our clients development in their social and practical skills, helping them to gain confidence and self assurance in all aspects of their lives, and the experience necessary to enhance their potential.

The feelings of achievement and satisfaction which our clients experience is necessary for everyone, not just our clients, to live a happy and fulfilled life. Pride and self-confidence are essential to well-being. Our clients spend time achieving something of worth which fosters pride and self-confidence.