Edmund Street Activity Centre

Activity Centre Chesterfield for Adults and Older Adults

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Activity centre for older adults

“Mavis has made friends, become more active and started to enjoy her life again since attending the Centre”


Activity centre for younger adults

“Ian has developed skills and talents we never knew he had since attending Edmund Street”



What is Edmund Street Activity Centre..?

We have designed a purpose built centre providing a wide range of suitable activities for both adults and older adults with varying social or physical needs or just to enjoy companionship.

We are proud of our high quality support and our effort in delivering tailored services that match the needs of the clients we support. Our flexible service is based around individual needs so each person can achieve his or her own goals. Our expertise lies in adapting our services and putting the expectations and imaginings of the people we support first.


Edmund Street Activity Centre is a day care activity centre in Chesterfield for those with learning disabilities and social needs. We provide educational and structured activities in a safe environment. Our purpose built centre has excellent facilities and highly trained and friendly staff.

Our Centre is open seven days a week, 365 days a year from 9am until 5pm, and provide 3 good meals a day. A full range of activities continue throughout weekends and bank holidays.

“The overall aim of our centre is to ensure that both younger and older adults, with identified needs, are provided with the opportunities to socialise, meet friends, and take part in our activities. Our day centre can also provide support and respite for family carers.”

Full bathing Facilities

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Full Bathing Wet Room
HairDressing - in house salon
Arts and Crafts
Cooking and Baking
Sensory Room
Community Outings
Reminiscence Therapy
Pool / Table Tennis / Badminton
Smoking Area
Ball Games and Board Games
Bocca Bowling
Singing for the Brain